Drain cleaning


Is your drain blocked? Early detection of a blocked drain can drastically reduce the work involved for a plumber to unblock and clear it, saving you money. Signs to look and listen for include a gurgling or gulping sound coming from the floor waste or toilet when water is in use.
Another sign of a blocked drain is the water level in the toilet rising above or falling below normal levels, and/or the drain outside the house overflowing, especially after the washing machine has been in use.

The floor waste overflowing during a shower may also indicate a blockage. If you do suspect that you have a partially blocked drain it is best to call in a Henry Plumbing and Drain Cleaning plumber to clear it as soon as possible.

Cement or plaster from Henry Plumbing and Drain Cleaning repairs will also prevent water flowing smoothly through your sewer and may cause a blocked drain.

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